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Diminution of Value Claims

You may have never heard of Diminution or Diminished Value or how it can help financially after an automobile accident. These are claims that insurance companies are obligated to pay, but most of the time do not have to because the victim does not know he/she is entitled to this money. 

"Show me the Car Fax." You've heard the commercials. What concerns people when they are buying a used car? Has the vehicle been in an accident? Your car may be fully repaired and running fine, but if an accident shows up on your "Car Fax" or similar report, you are going to get less money when you trade it in or sell it. 

Don't get the short end of the stick. If you have been involved in an accident in the past 4 years, even if you were not injured. You are entitled to compensation for the loss of value to your property. Feel free to call us at 954-341-2777 for more information.