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Suing Your Insurance Company

Are you being mistreated by your insurance company? Insurance companies are required to act in the best interests of their insureds (aka their customers). All too often, they ignore their customers' best interests. When a person sustains damage to his/her home either by a natural disaster such as a hurricane, mold or some other unforeseeable event, insurance companies are supposed to pay money for the home owner to fix the damage. Insurance companies will try to either deny the claim entirely, or pay an amount that is not enough money to fix the damage. These claims are brought directly by the home owner against his/her own insurance company, and often, the insurance company is required to pay for the home owner’s attorney fees and costs at the end of a case. For that reason, it is to the home owner’s advantage to get an attorney involved immediately if they are having a problem with their insurance company being reasonable and fair with him/her. We do not represent insurance companies and always represent the insured. If you or someone you know want to learn more about your rights concerning home owner’s insurance claims, contact Adelman & Adelman, P.A. today for a FREE consultation.